Advocates fear NSA bill is being gutted

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The missed opportunities in the al-Mihdhar case are well-documented. The CIA failed to watch-list al-Mihdhar and another suspected al Qaeda terrorist, Nawaf al-Hazmi, whom the agency had been tracking since they attended an al Qaeda summit in Malaysia on January 5, The failure to put Mihdhar and Hamzi on a watch list meant that immigration and law enforcement authorities were not alerted to their presence when they entered the United States under their real names. The CIA also did not alert the FBI about the identities of the suspected terrorists so that the bureau could look for them once they were inside the United States. An investigation by the CIA inspector general -- published in unclassified form in -- found that this was not the oversight of a couple of agency employees but rather that a large number of CIA officers and analysts had dropped the ball. Some 50 to 60 agency employees read cables about the two al Qaeda suspects without taking any action. Some of those officers knew that one of the al Qaeda suspects had a visa for the United States, and by Marchsome knew that the other suspect had flown to Los Angeles. The soon-to-be hijackers would not have been difficult to find in California if their names had been known to law enforcement.

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