19 dark blonde hair colours to take to the salon on your next visit

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We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. Sitting somewhere between blonde and brunette, it's a safer territory than either extreme that gives you the benefits of both colours in one. The beauty of dark blonde is that it really does suit everyone. Those with darker skin tones who are looking to lighten their strands but are scared of going super blonde should opt for a golden, in-between hue. Bleached TF out your hair and it is begging for a break? Surprise: dark blonde to the rescue. Not only is it less maintenance and money than maintaining your platinum shade, it's a more natural colour that can carry you from winter to summer. Once you've decided on a suitable tone for your skin, it's time to consider salons. Nailing dark blonde can be tricky because, when done incorrectly, it has a tendency to turn warm and coppery.

Screenshot this pic for your stylist, after that let them know that you absence the highlights to start about central down your hair, and to add in some face-framing pieces to bring it all together. Thinking about going designed for it? Cool—but first, check out our guide on dyeing natural hair en route for learn about the importance of as a pro versus DIY-ing your accept hair color spoiler: don't try this at home. The best part a propos a balayage is that you be able to start with your natural color arrange top, meaning no frequent root freshen appointments required. So add a abstemious shampoo into your routine to stave off greasy roots. Copper hair is one of my favorite hair color trends ofand to really add a few dimension to your color, ask your colorist to mix in a a small amount of different shades think: some lighter, a few darker.

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