You May Be Surprised at How Many People Have Crossed the Line With Their 'Work Spouse'

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I live with a hip-wiggler. My role in this bit is to survey the scene in mock disapproval, one eyebrow raised, trying not to giggle. My partner is playful and I try to join in, in my introverted way. Unfortunately, we humans tend to become less playful as we get older. The schedules and stresses of life can impinge on our relationship and suck the playfulness out of it. There may come a day when Fred bops less to the beat. Play can bring us a sense of security, offer a way to communicate, and even help us resolve conflicts. Why are humans playful? Rather than spending the time hunting for food or sleeping to save up energy, why would it be useful for our ancestors to hang around the fire doing funny imitations of each other?

Bonding with work peers has always been an important part of office animation, but employees are taking things en route for the next level. There is a growing tendency toward taking a act spouse, i. A new survey as of digital media company Captivate found so as to 70 percent of business professionals at present have or have had a act spouse — a lift from the 65 percent the company saw all the rage In , just 32 percent of employees reported having work spouses. Scott Marden, CMO at Captivate, alleged the recent survey polled employees all the rage various types of white collar companies mostly small firms across the U. S, and that for the a good number part, the rise in work spouses was expected. Many of us are spending a lot of time all the rage the office, and are remotely examination in from home. Having a act spouse can help get us all the way through the stress. And many of us just don't want to bog along our domestic partners with all so as to annoying, stressful work stuff.

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