Blonde vs Brunette: I found out what men really prefer on Tinder

Blonde looking for some 62133

So many hair-color trends come and go before you can even book your colorist, which is why it's a big deal when one has staying power. Balayage hair—which first became popular in and has stayed that way ever since—happens to be one of those. In fact, the technique is pretty much the most defining hair trend of the past decade, and it's responsible for the beachy, effortless color all over red carpets and Instagram. It's easy to understand its popularity; it's super natural, an instant pick-me-up for your hair, and a great way to stretch the amount of time you need between appointments. Here's why. Simply put, balayage is a highlighting technique that doesn't use foils.

Eavesdrop, getting highlights or going lighter all the rage your hair color is totally amusement in theorybut the constant touch-up appointments are kind of a drag IMO. But first Join Cosmo Unlocked at present. Rubel says that your colorist be able to create a shadow root after your hair has been highlighted or lightened to help soften any harsh lines where the highlights meet your accepted hair color. Got it?

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