Steve Simmons: Women Toronto athletes and Olympic rookies headline record Canadian medal charge

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And Andre is that way, too. The combined population of Poland and North Korea: 62 million, or almost twice as many as Canada. Record setting for the Canadian women who won more medals than men for the first time in 40 years at a Summer Games — this time it was a one-sided for the women. At the end of more than one Olympics, I have asked the question rather rhetorically.

Three Canadian airlines refusing to board 'unruly' Quebec influencers returning from Mexico Compound Canadian airlines say they will decline to board a group of Quebec social media influencers and reality Box stars on their way back as of Cancun who were seen partying maskless, vaping, and drinking in the aisles during their departure flight last week. Canadians are 'angry' with the unvaccinated: Trudeau At this point in the pandemic, with widespread new restrictions after that postponed surgeries for tens of thousands, Canadians are 'angry' with those all the rage this country who still have not rolled up their sleeves to acquire vaccinated against COVID, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Wednesday. Some kids should get shorter vaccine interval amid Omicron risk, experts say Amid worries a propos school closures and increased risk of the Omicron variant, some experts about it might be in a family's best interest to opt for a shorter interval between COVID vaccine doses for children between five and 11 years of age, rather than ahead of you the recommended eight weeks between shots. Judges' decisions help shed light arrange legality of workplace vaccine mandates A year after COVID vaccines first arrived in Canada, employers and workers all the rage the country's most populous province are getting a clearer picture of after and what kind of immunization mandates can be enforced in the administrative centre, legal experts said. But Ontarians shouldn't expect a black-and-white answer on whether such policies can always be imposed.

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